Workforce Mobility Mobile employees rely on a wide range of applications every day, from business email and ERP to Web 2.0 applications such as Skype and YouTube. Regardless of location, your employees will need a secure and reliable connection back to the business. We will deliver a cost effective solution which will allow your mobile employees connect to company applications without compromising business security.

Infinity’s Workfoce Mobility Solution will enable you to manage the complex application delivery issues that can lead to performance degradation and security breaches in the mobile workforce. Our Workforce mobility infrastructure helps you:

  • See all the traffic and users across your distributed network, so you can classify and prioritize the most business-critical applications and transactions.
  • Accelerate and optimize application performance using WAN Optimization technologies to deliver internal, external and real-time Web applications to mobile workers wherever they are.
  • Secure your applications, data and users with a layered defense system that includes Web filtering and a community watch cloud service to provide global, proactive protection against malware.