Today, most organisations are clear about the necessity to protect their most important asset - their data. Expensive to gather and often impossible to replace. Just think about all the accounting data, correspondence, spreadsheets, databases, images etc. that you have stored on your computer network. How would you operate without them?

Human error, a PC crash, a virus, malicious actions, flood, fire, theft - can all too easily put your data and therefore your company at risk.

Tape backup systems need upfront investment, ongoing maintenance and internal staff to maintain and operate them.

Inherent risks:
Backup Restore Tape
  • Tapes are notoriously failure-prone, vulnerable to degradation by the environment.
  • Tapes and drives often get stuck, worn out and broken.
  • Unless tapes are taken offsite every night, you will fail to protect your data against natural disasters (fire, flood, lightning), not to mention theft, disgruntled employees and sabotage.
  • Where do you store your backup tapes -- a safe, a glove box, a purse, or you don't know ?
  • Is your data backup encrypted or even password protected ?

Infinity IT’s new Secure Offsite Backup Service eliminates all these risks:
  • Automatic back up of your data to a secure, purpose built off-site facility which is manned 24x7 and incorporates fire suppression, security cameras, ID access controls, backup generators, multiple ISPs and high-end firewalls.
  • Your data is fully encrypted before it leaves your site using military grade encryption.
  • All your data is stored on custom designed servers and is replicated.
  • Our qualified engineers will do everything for you from setting up the back up schedule, collecting data onsite if required and helping you to restore files when necessary at no extra charge.
  • Only you can access your data anytime via your own private password-enabled web management interface.
  • Restores from full system down to single files can be instigated by you at any time.

Once you begin using Infinity IT’s Secure Off-Site Backup Service you can relax! No more worries about your backups.... An offsite backup is a secure, proven, simple and affordable solution to the traditional tape backup problems.