Would your business be able to operate effectively if your IT system failed ?
A functioning IT system is vital to business. Should an It system fail it can shut down an operation completely and the costs incurred in solving the problem can be astronomical. On top of the financial element of the cost one must also consider possible loss of business due to an IT system failure. At Infinity IT we specialise in providing companies with a cost effective solution to negate any problems arising from systems failure.

Would you like to have Confidence in your IT System regardless of any Unforeseen Events ?
Remote Support At Infinity IT we understand that running a business is a very complex process. We can simplify this process by giving you a real time picture of health of all your PC’s, servers or any network attached devices. Our Remote Support & Monitoring service is a cost effective method of monitoring all your network appliances. Should a system failure occur our engineers will solve the problem without ever having to leave their office. We can also alert you to a problem as soon as an event occurs.

Infinity IT will monitor and support your IT requirements 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The services we will monitor include:

  • PCs anti-virus updates and Renewals
  • Virus Detection and Removal
  • Disk space Monitoring
  • Monitoring of General Server to prevent service failure
  • Email Server Monitoring and Support
  • Backup Failure
  • Operating System Problems
  • Web Site Monitoring and Support

Should an event occur we will e mail you a report on the matter and we will also generate detailed periodic reports on your IT System’s wellbeing, so as you are always aware of the health of the hub of your business. This service is not designed to replace your existing IT support services, however it will provide your team with real time alerts of problems when or when they are about to occur, thus freeing their time for more important issues.

Alternatively our engineers are always available to provide remote services to resolve any issue if required.