What is Disaster Recovery?

Disaster Recovery is a coordinated activity to enable the recovery of IT/business systems due to a catastrophic event or serious disruption caused to a business by events such as fire, flood or theft of vital computer equipment. Disaster Recovery is achieved by restoring IT/business operations at an alternate location or recovering IT/business operations using alternate equipment within a reasonable timeframe for members, customers or staff of business.

Why do I need a Disaster Recovery Service?
Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is now a business essential and is nothing more than due diligence. Sound business continuity and data recovery plans ensure that a company's most important information remains accessible, accurate and secure, even when the unexpected occurs. Any business and organization can experience a serious incident that can prevent it from continuing normal operations. The management of the organisation have a responsibility to recover from such incidents in the minimum amount of time, with minimum disruption to members, customers & staff and at minimum cost.

Infinity IT provide a robust Disaster Recovery Service to organisations of various sizes throughout Ireland. We custom design our Disaster Recovery Services around your specific business needs and requirements.

Implications of poor Business Continuity/Disaster recovery planning:
  • 90% of businesses that loose data from a disaster are forced to shut within 2 years of the disaster
  • 50% of companies experiencing a computer outage will be forced to shut within 5 years
  • 80% of businesses without a well structured recovery plan are forced to shut within 12 months of a flood or fire
  • A company experiencing a computer outage lasting longer than 10 days will never fully recover

The effects of an outage include:
  • Lost revenue and business interruption
  • Possible Litigation
  • Lost competitiveness and lost business
  • Loss of company reputation