What is CounterGuard Financial CCTV?
CounterGuard is a unique software product that integrates transaction data from counter positions and ATM’s with synchronised video footage from your CCTV system. It provides you with a visual record of all your teller and ATM transactions.

Video footage of transactions such as withdrawals, lodgements etc., can be viewed instantly by entering details such as member number, date, teller number etc. If for any reason you wish to view video footage of a particular transaction, for example in the event of a dispute with a member or customer over an amount lodged or withdrawn, you can do so instantly and resolve the dispute immediately.

CounterGuard will assist your organisation in dramatically improving its loss prevention, risk management, fraud investigation and surveillance programs.

CounterGuard has a number of significant benefits including the following:
  • Significant saving in the amount of time spent by staff and management of the company in resolving discrepancies and disputes over counter transactions.
  • Improvement in the level of service given to customers.
  • Improvement in the level of workplace satisfaction for staff members. (As disputes are resolved immediately, staff members can finish their days work and go home without feeling that they are being suspected of any wrongdoing which previously they would have felt when disputes with customers were subject to sometimes lengthy investigations.)
  • Attempted fraud over counter transactions is deterred as it soon becomes known by the community that "invented" disputes will not succeed thereby improving loss prevention
  • Improved employee and customer safety
  • Helps deter money laundering.

CounterGuard Features
  • Retrieve video footage of any counter or ATM transaction instantly.
  • Search by member/ customer no., member name, teller position, teller name, product etc
  • Storage of footage for 28 days (as recommended by the Data Protection Commissioner in accordance with Section 2(1)(c)(iv) of the Data Protection Act 1988) or longer if required.
  • A Realtime DVR drive for storing footage giving the highest quality of video playback.
  • Remote Viewing - view live footage from home.
  • Easy to use and can be controlled from any number of delegated PC’s throughout your credit union.

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