Infinity IT offers a feature rich Contact Centre Solution that can be either a Cloud Based hosted solution or we can deploy the solution at our customers premises. Developed over a period of 10 years at a cost of over 20 Million Euros, this product is currently used in both the private and public sectors.

Due to the scalability of the solution we can accommodate any size business from SME to large Corporate Businesses and this is reflected in our current portfolio of customers. Examples of the various sectors using our solution are Banking/Finance, Telecommunications, Mail Order, Call Centres, Transportation & Logistics and the Travel Industry.

Standard Solution Features:

  1. High Availability
  2. PCI Compliance
  3. Call recording
  4. Superior Reporting,
  5. No annual licensing costs.

Cost Effective:

  • Hosted Model, Low Entry Cost: nothing to own, monitor, manage or upgrade.
  • No Infrastructure or Application Maintenance: includes software, management and monitoring, upgrades, patch deployment
  • Simplified Subscription Licence: one license per agent. Add licences as needed (pay as you go). Cost varies in line with your business activity. You will only pay for what you use.
  • Cost Predictability: no need to budget for upgrades, maintenance; predictable annual costs
  • Immediate Payback: subscription licence means RBI (return before investment)
  • Eliminates Additional Infrastructure and Staff Costs - releases cash for other uses in the enterprise by avoiding:
  • - The capital investment needed to pay for in-house infrastructure (servers, networking etc.), and
    - The recurring cost of in-house personnel to manage, monitor and maintain the system.
Functions & Features:
Contact Centre Solutions
Clear Interact

Advanced contact center system providing free-seating, skill-based routing, value-based routing, individual service levels per task, three different built-in after-call surveys, build-in recording for both quality assurance and on-demand, automatic configuration tools, real-time info, statistics, etc.


The agents/sales-representatives main application for receiving different kind of work items (calls, e-mails, chats, call-backs, campaign calls, etc.). The tool contains personal statistics, information about colleagues and their real-time status, a phonebook, internal messaging, the customers contact information and history, recording tools (e.g. for voice confirmations of orders, documenting threats, etc.), search function, and more.

ClearAgent: Inbound (Phone)

Add-on for all customary customer service functionality handling inbound calls, supplemented with for instance automatic after-call survey, full-media blending, call-back, personal queue, private queue with personal voicemail.

ClearAgent: Telemarketing(Outbound phone)

Add-on for performing outbound campaign calls with preview- and progressive dialer algorithms. Special report package.

ClearAgent: Digital medias

Add-on that enable inbound media blending with e-mail, chat and social medias. Statistics and more for supervision purpose.

ClearAgent: Inbound BOT (Admin & work Items)

Add-on that enable the contact center to queue all kinds of items like specific administrative tasks (credit check, cancellations, crediting), tickets from integrated support systems and such like.

CI InterActive Queue (IVR)

Tightly integrated IVR-functionality that contains customary queue information, hot-prompts (urgent messages), individualized messages/offers, etc. A phone-based tool for prompt administration called AutoAgent is included, enabling administration of prompts from any phone. The users can easily build (and change) flexible menus and numerous queue loops by themselves without any IT-personnel by the graphical interfaces Dynamic Menu and Dynamic Queue (accessible through ClearCoach, described below). Furthermore, the platform enables optional applications for self-service, Customer Voice Portal for natural speech, voice recognition, text-to-speech and much more.


Administrative application for supervisors, sale-team managers etc. All inbound channels, outbound campaigns, competence profiles, tasks, e-mail boxes, Dynamic-tools (to build IVR menus and queues) including interfaces for voice-prompt administration, calendar functions, call recording management, and more. ClearCoach also contains campaign administration tools and a tool for automatic configurations changes at certain times, dates or occasions. Furthermore there is an advanced tool for supervision of components in the system as well as a log over all changes made to the systems configuration. ClearCoach provides an authorization system for defining the resource types and individual resources any particular user is permitted to access. For example: it is possible to allocate permissions to a team leader whereby he/she may only access and make changes in relation to the agents or tasks under his/her responsibility.


Application to display real-time graphical statistics over the traffic situation in the centre, the number of outgoing calls, current sales figures, queue situation and agent status (either in groups or individually), etc.


Tool used for collecting statistics from the Database. Enables creation of timetables and thereby automatically exports data to several file formats.

Intelligent Overflow

Optional module to obtain more efficient external overflow to partner call centres. Sense the traffic situation at the external site and perform a more even distributed traffic-flow to avoid peaks and thereby increased costs.

Synchronized Overflow

Add-on to Intelligent Overflow providing explicit call information enabling the partner call centre to screen-pop customer views in a CRM-system and give individualised information in their IVR for instance.

Integration (API)

Different standard API for Work Force Management tools and optional frame-works for integrations with CRM, ERP, trouble ticketing systems, etc.

This is not a full list of the functionality and features of the solution, for a more comprehensive list contact us on 00353 1 293 0090