Call Recording

Currently deployed in over 1000 call centres, our VoIP Call Recording System is the most affordable and easy to use call recording software in the world.

Based on the following 4 key pillars, our solution was developed for:

  • Functionality - Call Center-grade Call Recording feature set
  • Reliability - Zero impact on network resources (from 5 to 50,000 users)
  • Flexibility - Supports Linux and Windows. Supports any IP or TDM system, supports Mobile Phone Recording.<
  • Affordability - Pricing that is far below other systems.

Why CEOs Choose Our VoIP Call Recording Solution
  • Achieve quick ROI
  • Ensure regulatory & legal compliance
  • Resolve customer disputes
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Improve customer service
  • Address security concerns - PCI Compliant

Why IT Managers Choose Our VoIP Call Recording Solution
  • Doesn't interfere with IP PBX
  • Easy, remote installation in minutes
  • Centrally manage a multi-site system
  • High scalability
  • Easy to archive & access recordings
  • Open API & data format

The reason is simple:

Whilst you want to comply with regulatory requirements and improve customer service by recording and retrieving phone calls. You do not want to disrupt operations, exhaust your annual budget or pay for expensive implementation services.

The solution is simple:

Classified by a variety of fields, Recordings can be indexed by time, agent/employee, date and group to name but a few, making for hassle-free, instantaneous record retention, search, and retrieval, all at a cost that is 30%-70% less than the competition.

What are the benefits of Call Recording?

  • Track Phone Activity: Employee Productivity, Security and Confidentiality: Tracking the total call volume, call duration and various other statistics for individual extensions as well as groups
  • Optimizing Resources and Costs: Ensuring that none of the trunks or extensions are left unused or broken. Ensuring that the staff is scheduled based on the call volume during various times of the day.
  • Proof of Call/ Liability: Proof of calls to protect against someone holding the business liable
  • Reviewing a Phone Conversation: Search and listen to an important conversation with a client
  • Quality Monitoring and Training: Ensuring that the employees are providing the right information to the customers and provide high quality service and support
  • Employee Training: Providing a set of good and bad calls as a part of training to a new employee
  • Ensuring Quality: Ensuring consistency and accuracy across your employees giving information over the phone
Feature Included on our system
Record & Playback of All Calls Yes
On-Demand Recording Yes
Live Monitoring Yes
Mobile Phone Recording Yes
PCI Compliant Yes
Mobility Yes
Multi-tenancy for Hosted Yes
Qaulity Management* Yes
Screen Recording Yes
Call Tagging/Exporting Yes
Multi-Site Call Recording Yes
Look-Back Call Recording Yes
White Label for branding Yes
Audit Trail Yes
Selective Recording Yes
Fine-Grained Privileged Access Yes
Auto-delete Yes
File Management/Archiving Yes
Filtering (IP-DID Range) Yes
Extended Codec Support Yes

Full-Motion Video Managers can view the entire customer interaction, synced with the telephone audio, providing insight into the flow of business systems and processes.

Simple Configuration Multiple users can be configured using an intuitive interface. Monitoring can begin in a matter of minutes.

Multi-Level Access Rights Administrators can assign permissions to managers for monitoring, screenshot recording, video, playback and reporting on individual employees and groups.

Multi-Site Support Live monitor and record video from any location with the interface.

Search and Retrieve Desktop video recordings can be retrieved through searches by multiple criteria (date, user name, etc.).

Exportable Synchronized screen and audio exportable in mpeg4 avi files.